Useful Tips To Reduce Your Blog Load Time

Useful Tips To Reduce Your Blog Load Time

Almost every amateur blogger fails whilst it comes to lowering blog load time. Most of the tutorials which are available on reducing the time taken for a internet site to load are frequently un-clear or incomplete. We determined to percentage our manner of solving this problem. Below are 11 actually exciting and crucial hints to decrease the weight time of your blogs by using nearly 90%.

1) Link To All PICs Inside Your Template From Blogger

I shared an crucial tip day after today approximately developing an Image Backup in Blogger after which Linking to All Images From there. Most of you operate templates that are not officially supplied via Blogger. These templates frequently contain snap shots which might be stored on offerings like tinypic or photobucket. When your weblog hundreds the browser has to hook up with all servers which link to your photos, as a result main to gigantic delay in the loading time of your blog. What you must do is update all such pics with those that you have saved internal blogger as explained in the my preceding post. The benefit of doing so can be this that the browser will need to connect only to blogger even as loading your photos. Thus saving time.

2) Save All Pictures in GIF or PNG Format

GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format” and PNG stands for “Portable Network Graphics” Both those formats are well compressed, smaller in length and broadly supported by all browsers. But if size is involved PNG compresses a ways higher than GIF. In typical instances up to 5-25%. There are a few transparency problems with PNG in IE6 but when you consider that IE7 is widely used these days, transparency is nor more an issue. Using any of those photograph formats will tremendously lessen the weight time of your blogs through 60% i.E 70-90KB The size is an approximate for my blog and genuine size relies upon at the variety of photographs you use.

3) Give Proper Dimensions To Images

Giving each image a selected width and peak will make it clean for the browser to load the image quickly. Always decrease the dimensions of an photograph if the authentic length is larger. The well known HTML code for an image looks like the one below,

<img width=”” height=”” src=”URL Of Image” />
The width and peak will require a price in pixels. One pixel equals a dot at the screen. A Full length photograph on my blog could have a width=”590px” and top can be so long as I want. 590pixel almost equals the width of my posts. Hope that offers you an concept on how to choose width and top values for your pics. Browsers discover it smooth to load images whose dimensions are specified. Make positive you are making it your dependancy to specify a right length for your pics. If you operate Windows Live Writer your life will become a ways easy.

4) Don’t Use An Image As A Background

If you are using any picture as a history then kindly cast off it. A background Image repeats itself horizontally and vertically and is answerable for 50% gradual load time. Just cast off it and spot the difference. To do away with a heritage image genuinely find this CSS code internal your template, (Tip:- Its located just at the top of your blog. Simply look for body)

body { background: #7AA1C3 url(; 
width: 980px;
color: #333;
font-size: 14px;
font-family: Georgia;
margin: 0 auto 0;
padding: 0; }

This codes will look different in your template but you should be concerned only with the bolded black text. Simply Delete url( and save your template. Give a simple color to your background. #7AA1C3 refers to Background Color. You can change it by using my Hexadecimal Color Chart

5)  Save All JavaScript Inside Blogger

Why should you link to external sites for storing your JavaScript whilst you can easily save it in Blogger! Save All your JavaScript codes inside your templates just above </head> using the code below,

<script type='text/javascript'> 
Paste Your JavaScript Code Here
The bolded text is the place you should glue the JavaScript code that you use in your format by connecting to an outer site. 

To discover a JavaScript URL that connects to outer site, scan for <script type='text/javascript'> inside your layout (Make sure to check "extend gadget formats" box at upper right corner). When you find such connecting, open that interface in a program. You will see enormous bit of complex content in the window and that is your JavaScript code. Basically duplicate it and glue it in the code shared previously. Supplant All JavaScript codes inside your layout with the code above, guaranteeing that you have separated the code from the connection and glued it in the code above. 

6) Use Limited Advertisements 

On the off chance that you are blogging just to get paid by showing huge pieces of promotions from a few sources than you are without a doubt abusing this delightful experience of blogging. Try not to make a blog a Fish Market. Show just hardly any promotions at significant regions in your blog. Doing so will keep your blog interface spotless and simple to be crept and peruse capable. Each include that you show utilizes JavaScript that drags out the page Load time. Ensure you limit every one of your advertisements to three. 

7) Don't Link To Blog Directories 

It is an off-base observation that connecting to a few blog indexes will bring you enormous Traffic. At the point when you connect to a few blog registries on your landing page, web crawlers free trust on your blog because of exorbitant connecting and programs think that its hard to peruse those small pictures that connect to blog catalogs. All blog catalogs request that you interface back utilizing a little picture connect on your web journals yet doing so will just harm the achievement of your blog. I accept just on blogcatalog and mybloglog as pertinent specialists to expect Traffic from. In the event that you truly need some measure of traffic from blog registries, at that point trust just on blogcatalog and mybloglog. In addition acknowledge just the little bit of meta tag from them rather connecting to them. 

8) Don't Use Widgets From Blog Directories that Use Images 

I allude to the popular ongoing Viewers gadget by blogcatalog and mybloglog. These gadgets use JavaScript that connect to these locales and furthermore show pictures that mean the heap time of your blog. I use meta labels gave by them rather utilizing their gadgets. This aides in lessening the time taken for my pages to stack. In the event that you truly need to utilize these gadgets, at that point have a go at showing scarcely any pictures on them, as low as 10. 

9 ) Summarize your Post Using The Read More Link 

Full Length Posts at landing page is perhaps the most compelling motivation why a blog has high burden time. Sum up the entirety of your posts by utilizing the keep Reading Link or Read More Link. To realize how to include it, read this post-> Read More Link. 

10 Always Accept Quality and Well Scripted Blogger Templates 

The noteworthy mistake most bloggers make is to move any format that pulls in them. Most un-official Blogger designs that are available in blogosphere are as often as possible made by people who are not a lot of mindful with suitable usage of HTML and JavaScript. An improper scripted design with void names ,unwanted names and broken JavaScript routinely make Job extraordinary for web search device bugs to crawl the substance of your weblog. Further Browsers moreover consume important time in scrutinizing broken substance. If a JavaScript isn't particularly coded or upgraded, it can make a perusers PC hang! Imagine this episode to perusers getting to your blog. In Short use designs from authorities who have respect in blogosphere and from the people who are ensured specialists.

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