An Old Man Lived in the Village

An elderly person lived in the town. He was one of the most lamentable individuals on the planet. The entire town was worn out on him; he was consistently miserable, he continually grumbled and was consistently feeling awful.

The more he lived, the more bile he was turning out to be and the more toxic were his words. Individuals kept away from him, since his mishap got infectious. It was even unnatural and offending to be upbeat close to him. 

He made the sentiment of misery in others. 

However, at some point, when he turned eighty years of age, an extraordinary thing occurred. In a split second everybody began hearing the talk: 

An Old Man is cheerful today, he doesn't whine about anything, grins, and even his face is spruced up.

 The whole village gathered and Asked Old man

Villager: What happened ?

Not much. Eighty years I've been pursuing joy, and it was pointless. And afterward I chose to live without joy and simply appreciate life. That is the reason I'm glad at this point. – An Old Man 


Moral of the story:

Do Not chase happiness. Enjoy your life and Present

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